Notice from the Consular Section regarding visa procedures for 2019 Rugby World Cup

  1. Necessary Documents
Citizens of Georgia or holders of Georgian residence card who wish to visit Japan for 2019 Rugby World Cup, should apply for tourist visa. Please find list of documents here: (page 3).
In addition to required documents it is recommended to submit confirmation documents or tickets for attendance of 2019 Rugby World Cup.
*This statement does not refer to those who have an invitation for 2019 Rugby World Cup from the relevant authorities.
  1. Application forms with QR code
For those who are applying for Japanese visa in June-September 2019, it is strongly recommended to submit application forms with QR Code: (please open in Internet Explorer or Acrobat Reader. The QR code should appear on left top corner of the page). 
  1. Visa issuance
Due to large number of applicants wishing to visit Japan for 2019 Rugby World Cup, there is a possibility that visa issuance from the end of June to mid September would take more time than usual.