Statement of the Embassy of Japan in Georgia on the death of a Georgian citizen in Georgia's Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia

          It is Japan's consistent position that peaceful resolution of the conflict in Georgia's occupied regions of Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia and Abkhazia in line with the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia within its internationally recognized borders is essential for the peace and stability of the country and the entire South Caucasus region.

          Japan is deeply concerned by the death of a Georgian citizen, Mr. Archil Tatunashvili, who reportedly was detained on February 22 and died the following day during his detention in Tskhinvali. We express our condolences to Mr. Tatunashvili's family. We hope thorough investigation of the case will be conducted so that such a tragedy will never be repeated and expect early return of other detainees to their homes.