Visa Application Procedures for Those Evacuated from Ukraine

1  If you have evacuated from Ukraine and wish to flee to your family or acquaintances who reside in Japan, you can apply for a Japanese visa at an Embassy or a Consulate-General of Japan.
Required documents are as follows:

・Visa Application Form,
・Face Photo (45mm×35mm,or 2inch×1.4inch),
・Valid Passport(Note),
・Letter of Guarantee, which should be written by your relative or acquaintance who reside in Japan,

 The letter of guarantee is supposed to be submitted in print form.  Meanwhile, if it is not possible to do so, it is acceptable that the letter be submitted in PDF format by email as well. In that case, verification process may take time longer.
 In case you are not able to obtain a face photo or you only possess an expired passport, an ID card or a birth certificate, please contact an Embassy or a Consulate-General of Japan for consultation.
2  If you wish to flee to Japan but do not have any family member nor acquaintance in Japan, please contact an Embassy or a Consulate-General of Japan for consultation.
(Note) As provided by the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, the submission of a passport issued by a foreign government recognized by the Japanese Government or any authorized international organization, or a refugee travel document or any other certificate in lieu of the passport is required. Those who do not possess such valid passport or document, please contact with the Japanese Embassy or Consulate, because of the possible issuance of a travel certificate issued by a Japanese consular officer, etc.