Japanese Language Speech Contest - application announcement (2023 December 16)

On December 16, from 11:00 to 15:00 (estimate), at Tbilisi Free University, Embassy of Japan in Georgia will be hosting Japanese Language Speech Contest. This Contest gives Japanese language learners the opportunity to demonstrate their Japanese  skills as well as meet with other Japanese language learners, deepen their knowledge about Japan and motivates them to further increase their abilities. The Application requirements are as listed below. We are waiting for your application! You are also welcome to come as a spectator! (The first 50 to arrive).
  • Date and place:
    • December 16th(Saturday), 2023, from 11:00 to 15:00 (estimate)
    • Tbilisi Free University (Room #219)
  • Speech contest format
    • Face-to-face speech to 3 Jury members, audience and other contestants
  • Application Guideline
  1. Contents and Rules:.
  • Beginner Category: Time Limit 3:00 minutes (3:00 minutes - 3:30 minutes at maximum).Beginner level topic 「なぜ日本語を学ぶのですか?」
  • Intermediate Category: Time Limit 4:00 minutes (4:00 minutes -4:30 minutes at maximum).Intermediate level topic 「ジョージアの紹介」
  • Advanced Category: Time Limit 5:00 minutes (5:00 minutes - 5:30 minutes at maximum).Advance level topic 「日本とジョージアの関係強化に必要なもの」
  • Speeches must be based on the specified topic listed above for each category.
  • Speeches must be delivered by memorization (in case of reading  the text, points will be deducted)
  • After speech, contestants will be asked 3 questions by the 3 Jury members. How you answer to the questions will also be evaluated.
  • Contestants must refrain from performances such as singing, dancing, poetry recitation, or use of presentation slides.
※The Embassy will be recording the event for PR purpose (with pictures/video). Representatives from the media may also attend the event.
※ The timekeeper counts the time of the speech. If the maximum time limit is exceeded, the speech is forced to end.
※ We may change the category after reviewing speech drafts or limit the number of speech participants in case there are too many applications.
(2) Eligibility for Application
  • Beginner Level Category:
               JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N5 or N4 level
               JLCAT (Japanese Language Communication Ability Test) A1 or A2 level
  • Intermediate Level Category:
               JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N3 level
               JLCAT (Japanese Language Communication Ability Test) B1 level
  • Advanced Level Category:
Anyone above the Intermediate Level (also those who have studied in Japan)
  • Eligible to Georgian nationals. No age limit. Not only those majoring in Japanese studies at their universities but also those learning at private language centres, with private teachers or by themselves are also eligible.
(3)Application Deadline
  • December 3, 2023 (Sunday), 24:00 (midnight)
Please register at the link below:


While registering, please also send Japanese and Georgian version of your speech to the email specified in Q10 of the registration form.
(4)Evaluation/Judging criteria
 3 Jury members, selected by the Embassy, will conduct evaluation based on the criteria given below. The Jury members will decide the ranking based on the total score of the following criterias and discussion.
A: Contents of the speech
  • Originality (In addition to facts or general information, contestant’s own opinions will be evaluated. How interesting the speech contents for the listeners will also be important. )
  • Depth of the argument (How deeply the topic is argued)
  • Consistency and structure of the topic (Consistency and logics for the topic and overall structure will be evaluated)
B: Presentation ability and delivery (30 points)
  • Pronunciation (Easiness of understanding the speech)
  • Presentation ability and expressiveness (Ability to convey to listeners)
C: Answering the questions (30 points)
  • Ability to express in Japanese Language (Ability to convey your thoughts to listeners in an appropriate and correct manner)
  • Accuracy of the answer to the question (Correctly understanding the question and giving relevant answer)
(5) Awarding
  • Winner, Runner-up, 3rd Place and Prize for Good Effort
Event Program December 16 (Saturday) 11:00 to 15:00 (estimate)
  1. Opening and explanation of the speech contest
  2. Speech contest for the 【Beginner Category】
  3. Short Break
  4. Speech contest for the 【Intermediate Category】 and 【Advanced Category】
  5. Evaluation / Break
  6. Announcement of the winners and Awarding Ceremony
In case of questions, please contact culture@mofa.go.jp
Please submit your application to the link mentioned “3. Application Deadline” not via e-mail.