Japan's Development Assistance to Georgia

     Georgia is a recipient of the Japan's Yen loan, Grant Aid, as well as assistance under the technical cooperation programs. In supporting Georgia, it is quite important to efficiently respond to such problems as the shortage of skills, obsolete economic infrastructure and pollution of the environment as well as to help overcome the economic difficulties in the process of democratization and introduction of the market economy.
     After the military conflict in August 2008, the Government of Japan provided 1 million US dollars through the UNHCR as an emergency humanitarian aid for IDPs. Japan also pledged 200 million US dollars for the rehabilitation of Georgia at the Donor's Conference in October that year. These funds have been used to provide agricultural machinery to assist the Georgian agricultural sector, as well as for the improvement of the East-West highway crossing the country.
     Japan also attaches great importance to its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security and Grassroots Ciltural projects, which provides direct support to the vulnerable people and communities of Georgia at the grassroots level.